Case Studies

History 22 year male presented with hemoptysis for 2 months No history of fever breathlessness loss of weight PRETREATMENT FOLLOW UP

History 36 female, non- smoker, resident of Amritsar, housewife Presented with 3 month history of: Worsening persistent dry cough , Breathlessness- Progressive ,Fever upto 102 intermittent PRETREATMENT FOLLOW UP

History 40 year male Known diabetic for 4 years with diabetic foot for 1 month Presented with 1 month history of : Dry cough Fever Breathlessness

History 19 years female Presented with 2 years history of cough with mucoid sputum Breathlessness with excessive coughing Myalgia low grade fever of and on Loss off weight History of att years back based on ct plus Poor response to att PRETREATMENT 3 MONTH FOLLOW UP

History A 28 years old-female Married, housewife Presented with chief complaints of : Chest Pain  – 4 hours Breathlessness –  4 hours CT showed multiple cysts, renal angioleiomyomas. TBLB showed features suggestive of lymphangioleiomyomatous with HMB-45 stain positive